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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The City of Gentle People

 Dumaguete City - The City of Gentle People / The Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines / (My addition) The City of Bridges . Lol

We went to Dumaguete City last December 25, 2011. I know it's too late, but I'll still blog about it anyway.

Participants: Me, Jek, Jok2x, Inang, Etet, Botoy, and our 3 motorcycles :)

Our Dumaguete trip was unplanned, yet it turned out to be fun and memorable..
That's what you call, "The Joy in Unplanned Vacations".

We started with a joyride to Bato port, taking the Carcar-Argao-Santander road. We took the barge from Maayo Shipping, Inc.
Excited.. Thanks to this pic. I remembered the name of the shipping line.

Byee Cebu...

Around 30-45 minutes after, we were already on Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. We stayed at Bgy. Banilad. On our way, we saw the damages caused by bagyong Sendong.

After a little rest, we went to their Robinsons. We were amazed because theirs is bigger than ours. Haha.

The next day, we went to Balanan Lake in Siaton. It was the best part of our Dumaguete trip. Thanks to Inang's relatives who took us there. Siaton is about 50kms away from the city. The road going there was good. The from the main road, you have to travel 10kms of very "rocky road" going up to reach Balanan Lake. It was also raining at that time and we were all in motorcycles. We just laughed about it and enjoyed the trip! The rain added fun to our trail.

Thank you for being with us. Hehe

Paghinay kay danlog!

This lake will take you to the Balanan Falls.
 To go to the falls, you can ride a banca for P100 per 6 or 10 persons, depending on the banca size, or you can trek to the falls for free, but a little risky. We hired the small banca because the large ones were occupied.

To the falls..

The lake is approximately over 100 feet deep. Gives me chills.
When we arrived at the other side of the lake, we needed to trek a little to reach the falls.

Going back..
They also have a pool. The best thing is that it's for free, and it's not small!

When you visit Dumaguete City, don't forget to go to Balanan Lake. Everything here is really natural. The place is kinda undiscovered, plus, the rates are cheap.

Going back, we needed to pass that bridge.

We left Dumaguete the day after. We made a short stop at Lambug Beach in Badian, since the guys wanted to swim in the beach.

The left side of the beach

The right side

There were still many places that we wanted to go, but we lacked time. I know Dumaguete has a lot of nice places, and someday, hopefully, we'll be able to go there.

Our Dumaguete trip was really an adventure I would never forget.

Major Expenses:
P305.00 - Barge fare (round trip) which includes the motorcycle, the driver, and the backrider.
P50.00 - Balanan Lake Entrance Fee
P100.00 - Banca Rate (Good for 6 persons)

I promise I'll be back to Dumaguete one of these days!



Mayet said...

it's fun to travel with people who share your enthusiasm and love for nature ;)

Little Ms. Nice said...

Hi Ms. Mayet. Thanks for dropping by. =)

Buzz Lightyear said...

Thanks for the great post. This (Balanan Lake especially) looks really awesome; I would like to take my family there. We would love it, especially our daughter. Although I like the natural stuff the best, that really is a unique pool! I wonder what's the best way to get there from Cebu City, maybe via Siquijor?

Little Ms. Nice said...

Hi. Yup, Balanan is really awesome.
To get to Dumaguete, we drove to Bato port (in Santander, i guess) and rode a barge to dumaguete. Via siquijor would be far..

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