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Monday, April 02, 2012

Terra Manna: A Paradise in Badian

If I had one word to describe Badian's Terra Manna Camping & Resort, it would be PARADISE.

**PARADISE: is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless. It is conceptually a counter-image of the miseries of human civilization, and in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. Paradise is a place of contentment, but it is not necessarily a land of luxury and idleness. 

 That is exactly what Terra Manna is!

Last November 2011, Terra Manna held a photo liking contest on their facebook page. Though we did not win, they were so generous to give us consolation prize which includes:
* Camping overnight for two persons with 3 complimentary meals (lunch,dinner, breakfast)
* 3 Gift Certificates of One Day-Tour trip at Terra Manna with Complimentary Lunch

With this prize, we felt as though we were already winners. Heheh. Thank you, Terra Manna!

So we decided to use our free camping overnight last March 31 - April 1, 2012.

You'll know you're very near the resort when you see these flowers along the way. Lovely :)

 The staff especially the receptionist, Ms. Sarah was very welcoming and accommodating. As soon as we finished checking-in, we were led to the receiving area for our welcome drink. Cool :)

With Ms. Sarah on the left. It was so nice of her to accompany us to the receiving area.

And by the way, umbrellas are found almost anymore on the site. So, there's no need to worry about the heat of the sun.

The receiving area where the welcome drink was served.

A few minutes after, we were then served our lunch.

The dining hall

Our lunch, with fruits & drinks. Burp =)

While waiting for our tent, we indulged our selves with the relaxing atmosphere and with the beauty of the place.

The wishing well

The wine section

One of the staffs doing the flower arrangement
Tadah! Amazing work. Hehe

Going down..
The Traveler's Palm

Until we reached this place. White sand...

The clear water, and the clouds.. Very soothing.. Btw, there is a private rest house beside this.
Everything was very tempting. So, went to our tent to get ready for swimming.

Our tent. Equipped with mat, foams, linens, pillows, blankets & flashlight.

With soap, shampoo, & toothpaste.


Some of the tents

Some of the tents

The Family Tent

When we went back to the beach, it was still so hooooot. So we decided to rest under the shade of the tree.
Dinner time =)
Our night in Terra Manna was very laidback. Everything was peaceful yet very convenient. We spent the night chitchatting under the sky full of stars, with flashes of lightning. Everything was so perfect, just like in movies. Hehe.

Imagine waking up one morning, and when you take a peek outside, this is what you'll see. What a great way to start your day!
To the other side of the beach. The way was lined with lemongrass. Wow!
Overlooking the beach

Going uppppp

Breakfast. Hot Choco, Steamed rice, Tinola, Fruits, Kalamansi Juice. Burp again =)

Back to the beach

The rest house

Hello there, and see you soon, Mr. Elephant :)
Our stay in Terra Manna Camping and Resort was indeed very great. I must say, the staff was very accommodating even if we went there for free. Hehe. You know what I mean. Plus, there were no hidden charges. Everything was very organized, from checking-in to checking-out. The place is highly recommendable. It's the perfect place to go if you want to forget all the hassles of the city.

You can visit their website for more info:

My rating:

Price: 5/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 6/5 :)
Facilities: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
Will you recommend this place to others? Already did :)
Will you go back to this place? Definitely! No reason for us not to go back :D

Thank you, thank you, Terra Manna Camping & Resort for the wonderful experience. God bless your place and your staff. See you again!



simplyjeSSielEE said...

Hi!!! How to get to terra manna???

Little Ms. Nice said...

hi.. just go to southbus terminal and ride a bus bound for badian. tell the driver to drop u at badian market. from there, ride a habal2x / tricycle..

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