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Friday, October 28, 2011


One of my BANG friends celebrated her birthday at Moalboal, unexpectedly. It was unexpected because going farther than Minglanilla was something not one of us thought of. (By the way, BANG is the group name of my high school barkada. If you'd ask how we got the name, honestly, we really don't know. Haha!)

What happened was that Ekang just texted everyone in the group that we will be having a beach / pool birthday party for Emz. No exact place, but not knowing that majority was thinking it would be in Villa Teresita in Talisay (again..). When we were all in the meeting place, it has been decided that we go to that resort. But good thing there's someone who insisted. Villa Teresita is okay, but it would be better if we go to other place because we aren't highschoolers anymore. So, I suggested Lambug beach at Badian. But then they said it's too far. So I said, how about Moalboal? They didn't know where it's located so they agreed. (To think that Moalboal is just one town before Badian.. but at least it's nearer. Hehe).

So we hired a PUJ which charged us P200 per head, back and forth. The ride took us almost 3 hours. Almost everyone was not in the mood because of the exhaustion. We stayed at the resort which was two resorts before Basdaku resort. Entrance fee was P10.00. And the cottage was P300.00.

The fresh air and the sound of the waves approaching the shoreline relaxed everyone. And the heat of the sun didn't stop us from swimming :)

The clouds =)

I'm all blaaaack.

Barkada pic while waiting for the banca.

Snorkelling at Moalboal Marine Sanctuary.

We had snorkelling at Moalboal Marine Sanctuary for just P50/head, with free materials. The banca driver was so kind to have one of us free. So we were 11 for P500.

The view down the water was so amazing. I have never seen any before in my entire life. The creatures and the corals down there were perfect. I know I'm easy to please. Clouds can easily make my day. But those creatures were too amazing to make me thrilled even until now. Before, I never had an idea that they do exist, especially when dynamite fishing, fishkills, and water pollution were what we mostly heard in news.

The sun was about to set when we finally said goodbye to our newly found friends :)

Jumpshot, after arriving.

My Bang Family.

The sunset :)

Ekang.. I just love this shot.

After swimming, there is a store nearby which sells clean water for P5.00/pail..

Thank you for taking your time to read. When you visit Moalboal, please don't forget to visit their Marine Sanctuary. You won't regret it.. Promise :) And send my regards to my little friends..

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