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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last August, I had the chance to visit Pinamungajan. My bf have relatives living there and since it was their fiesta celebration, they were going there and he asked me to come over. Why not! It would be great since it would be my first time to go there and to pass by Aloguinsan.

Days before, I googled Pinamungajan's details and what to expect there. I found out that the town has plenty attractions, from the seas, falls, dolphin-watching to mountain-climbing, and many more. But I know we can't go there because we will be there for only a short time. Maybe some other days, we can.

Pinamungajan is a municipality of Cebu located in the southwest. At 5:30am, we took the Barili - Aloguinsan - Pinamungajan route. The overlooking view at Aloguinsan, plus the sunrise was so amazing. Too bad I hadn't had the chance to take pics since we were riding the motorcycle and my cam was in my bag.

The road was not so favorable. We arrived at Bgy. Lamac at almost 7am. We took a rest, ate and then finally decided to go to the beach. Huhu. I forgot the name of the resort. Actually, there were many to choose from. The resorts were just lined up along the road.

There were no other beachgoers so we had the resort to our self. The cottage cost P150.00. The sea was very calm and clear. Just when I was about to take a bath, I remembered I just had my hair treated :( So together with my bf's sister, who wasn't allowed to take a bath in the sea for some reasons, we enjoyed the place by running around and attempting jumpshots.

After two hours, we decided to head back.

 There are so many places there that I wanted to see but wasn't able because of lack of time. But I promised my self that someday, I can do that. I know I can :)

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