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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Badian is a municipality located at the south of Cebu, next to Moalboal. It is roughly a 3-hour drive from the city. To get to Badian, you can either ride a Ceres bus from South Bus Terminal, or Librando bus from the Librando terminal, just across SBT.

The plan was to go to Kawasan falls and then go to Lambug beach. So, as soon as you arrive in Badian, you directly head to Bgy. Matutinao. Just beside their parish church, you'll see the sign saying "To Kawasan Falls". There are local "tour guides" who will approach you. You'll have to leave your cars / motorcycles there because they are not allowed inside the trail.

Actually, we thought we didn't need to have a tour guide. I have read all over the net all needed directions on how to get there. But the guide insisted. According to him, since it was our first time, we might get lost. So, it left us no choice but to agree.

The walk to the falls will take you about 30 minutes. Exhausting as it may seem, but the view and the river along the trail will compensate the distance. Some meters away, you'll see a souvenir shop wherein you'll pay the entrance fee which is P10.00. If you're a first-timer, you'll definitely think that once you're in the entrance, the falls will be just nearby. But no. You'll have to walk, and walk, and walk some more.

After a thousand walks, you'll be amazed by the sight of the first falls. It's like your exhaustion will instantly vanish. The guide advised us to stay in the 2nd falls because it is less crowded and the view is nicer.

The way up to the 2nd falls is very steep and slippery. That's why one needs to be extra careful. On the 2nd falls, there are many cottages and rooms available. We rented the P800.00 room and we gave P100.00 to the guide.The room was very clean, and had a fan on it. If you want a "luxurious" lodging, it can accommodate a maximum of 5 persons. But if you're with your barkada or family and you're in a tight budget, 10 persons can still occupy it. No extra fees, except if you'll get an additional foam for P100.00 each. Just outside the room is the CR and the shower room. Very clean and well-maintained.

Porkchop and Noodles for breakfast


The view of the 2nd falls behind.
Lifejackets are available for rent at P50/day.

After taking a splurge at the cold waters of Kawasan falls, we decided to have lunch at the market and check out Lambug beach. The way back to the main road was still so far. Haha. Silly of me to think that the trail will seem shorter since we've walked there before. This time, we were able to take pictures along the way.

The view from the first falls.
There's a bridge along the way. I dunno the purpose for its construction. For picture-taking, maybe? Lol.

One of the many "little" falls.
A wooden bridge.
A leaf-shaped concrete bench for tired travelers.
At the market, it was my first time to taste "bas-oy" and it was very yummy :)

Lambug beach is a free public white sand beach. There are cottages available. The sun was shining at its fullest when we went there, so we stayed for only a while.

The long stretch of white sand and the clear blue waters of Lambug beach.

After checking on the place, we went back to the falls, which meant long walks again. We just jokingly said to each other, "Dah, laagan man!". Hehe.

Tipid Breakfast for the next day.

2nd Day: Lambug Beach

The white sands, blue waters and puffy clouds. Great!

The water's so tempting.. But, oopps.. Be careful. You don't want to have jellyfish stings, just like mine.

Our pretty little tent.  T'was very helpful. It was so hot but then the rain poured. We had no worries because of this tent. But those couple who had their "picnic" nearby had to put their belongings in a plastic bag to avoid getting wet.
On our way out, we saw "Terra Manna Camping and Resort". It's a new resort, I guess.

We passed by the town market before going home, just to eat "bas-oy". Hehe. I know I can't eat it again here in the city.

The experience was so tiring, but well-worth it. If you're going to ask me if I'll visit Badian again, ofcourse, Yes! Definitely.

P.S. While on Fb, I saw Terra Manna's fanpage and I found out they had a photo liking contest, and the prize will be a free trip to their resort for 1 night and 2 days, banca cruise, and a trip to Kawasan. Wow! I, without second thoughts, emailed them this pic.

One of our visits in Mantayupan falls.

I know I can't win the 1st or 2nd prize. Their votes are too high. I'm just after the 3rd prize. Currently, I rank third, and hopefully, I'll stay there until the Nov. 8. With this, I can go back to Badian and visit Terra Manna.


PhenomenalAbby said...

i miss this place!!!!!! :)

Little Ms. Nice said...

Hi Ms. Abby. Thank you for dropping by. =)

Melissa Cuya said...

hi, i just stumbled across this blog and i got curious, do you think i can still rent a room at php800-1000 a day near kawasan? im from manila and i wish to go there sometime next month ,, thanks

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