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Monday, April 23, 2012


I have stumbled upon the net about this little island located in Cordova named ISLA ROMANTICA. What amazed me most, aside from its name, was that it is a man-made island, just approximately 100 square meters, and has white sands. These things gave me the urge to really go there and see for myself what the island can offer, despite its simplicity..

After a little planning, we decided to go there yesterday, Sunday.

Participants: Me, Jek, Yvonne, Ken, and Anne

We met at Yvonne's house since it was near Pier 3. We left at around 7:30am and headed to Pier 3 to ride a ferry boat. We arrived at Mactan about 15 minutes after. We directly headed to Lapu-lapu market to buy the needed things.

Marketing was a "struggle" for the five of us. Their market was the busiest place in Opon, I guess. All of us were in deep sweat. And I think no one has ever left the place without having his/her foot being stepped by another person :)

After a "sweat-full" of almost an hour in the market, we were able to buy pork, lechon manok, puso, junkfoods, water, softdrinks, breads, spices and grill necessities, enough for just the five of us.

Outside the market, we waited for a multicab bound to Cordova. If marketing was a "struggle", waiting for a multicab was a same scene, but it was fun. Whenever a multicab would stop, a lot of people would outrun each other to have a seat because of the many waiting passengers. So, we decided to take the next multicab. When the next multicab came, the same thing happened. On the nth attempt, we made it. Haha.

Since none of us have gone to the island before, we told the driver to drop us at Bgy. Alegria. After that, we rode a trisikad to take us to the site where we would be waiting for the banca.

Then we waited for Noy Ben, the owner to take us to the islet. When he arrived, we headed to the shore where we will ride a banca. When we arrived to the shore, there was also a group of around 20 people who were also waiting. We were a little dismayed because we knew that the island was very small. Selfish lang? Haha. We shared the same banca, paddled manually by Noy Ben.

The owner, paddling the banca
This is where we were heading. Lovely!

Almost there!
At last, we arrived at the island past 10am. The island was very small, simple,and lacks a lot of amenities, yet it was still very worth it. We were amazed at how Noy Ben constructed and maintained the island for many years. Despite its simplicity, the island definitely has a lot to offer; the clear waters, the white sands, the relaxing atmosphere, and many more. Good thing it was not crowded yesterday. Every now and then, Noy Ben would visit the island in case a group wants to go home. We asked him if he could fetch on 6:30pm because we wanted to see the sunset. And he agreed without hesitation.

Ken talking to Noy Ben

Yvonne and our little tent

Noy Ben is coming, with a group who wanted to spend the night there.

We decided to have our dinner in Bgy. Day-as and rode a trisikad. We found this "Sa Baybayon Resto Bar".

Addtional Info:
1. The island has no CR.
2. It has no electricity.
3. There are tables and a little kubo for rent.
4. If you are "maarte", better not go here..

Important tips:
1. Bring all needed things (especially water) before going to the island, as it would be very hassle to go back.
2. Much better if you can bring tent, wherein you can rest or change clothes, since there's no CR.
3. Go there early so you can enjoy the beach because on the afternoon, it will be low tide.
4. I think it's more enjoyable there if there is less people. So, I suggest to go there on weekdays. Saturday is the most crowded day.
5. Never mind the heat. Just put on sunblock.
6. Have fun!

P30.00 - Ferry boat fare and terminal fee (round trip)
P10.00 - Multicab fare from Opon Market to Alegria drop-off point (one-way)
P5.00 - Trisikad fare from drop-off point to gate heading the shore (one-way)
P20.00 - Banca fare (round trip)
P100.00 - Charge for table / kubo (Divided by 5 of us)
P15.00 - Trisikad fare from gate to Floating Restaurant in Bgy. Day-as
P450.00 - Food charge "Sa Baybayon Resto Bar" (Divided by 5 of us)
P10.00 - Trisikad fare from Restaurant to main road
P10.00 - Multicab fare from main road to Opon Market

You can also dare to stay on the island overnight for P300.00/group. Just make sure to bring flashlights.

If you've got any questions regarding the island or how to get there, you can pm me. Maybe I can help you :)

My rating:

Price: 5/5
Staff: (Noy Ben) 5/5
Food: We bought our own
Facilities: There are none :)
Overall: 4/5
Will you recommend this place to others? Yes!
Will you go back to this place? Of course!

Now we know why it's called Isla Romantica

Thank you, Noy Ben for sharing your island to the public.


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Chrischelle Lopez said...

hi ms can i contact you for help? we are very interested for this kind of adventure, its my first time hearing of this place :)

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